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When your cargo is time-sensitive or hazardous, air freight is the best choice for its shipping. Pioneering the UAE air freight logistics companies, Alnakheel ensures fast yet careful shipping for your commodity.

Why Us!

Whether you need to deliver fresh apples or huge windmills, we can transport your cargo with ultimate care, on time, and with competitive prices.

Security For Cargo

Real-Time Tracking

Warehouse Storage

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Why Alnakheel for Air Freight Services?

Alnakheel has developed a well-versed knowledge of international air freight compliance. Accordingly, we provide:

  • Integrated door-to-door service
    Whenever and wherever the destination is, we take it all over; From the regulations to license requirements, as well as customs clearance and security compliance.
  • Precise scheduling with best rates
    Hundreds of companies have leveraged this support service from Alnakheel, shipping their cargos with the best air freight rates.
  • Best-in-class, cost-effective carriers
    For your sensitive cargo to arrive safely, we work with reliable, punctual, and meticulous air freight carriers.
  • Maximum security
    Our carriers also know how to store your perishables along its way, from homeland to destination, with smooth handling. Even in flights with stops, our professionals take all precautions.
World-class Air Freight Forwarder

Alnakheel also partners with the first-class, global airfreight hub systems to offer our clients:

  • Tailor-made charter solutions
  • Intermodal solutions for convenient costs
  • Flight operations with flexible capacities

Alnakheel has contributed to developing the UAE air freight sector since its early beginnings. And today, we position ourselves among the five-star air freight logistics companies—with achievements driven by credibility, passion, and expertise.

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Seeking a reliable logistics and transportation company for your business shippings? Al Nakheel is your best choice!

Since 1985, Al Nakheel has been pioneering the global market with its premium services as a freight forwarder. Today, we offer an array of: International Shipping, Warehousing and Distribution, Domestic Shipping, and even Marketing and Integrated Communications.

Whether your business size is of a startup, SME, or a huge enterprise, our services will meet your needs, time, and budget.

Contact us today and let’s drive success!

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